Trademarks & Symbols of the world – The alphabet in design

Trademarks & Symbols of the world – The alphabet in design
Author: Yasaburo Kuwayama Category: Resto del mundo Publisher: Mitsuru Takahashi Pages: 206 páginas Country: Japón Language: Inglés
This book is the revised version of the popular edition, “Trademarks and Symbols of the World”, published in 1984. I have recomposed and selected 1,720 works derived from concrete forms, abstract forms, and symbols Contributions were made by 1, 210 artists from 38 different countries. It can be said that these arte the best representations in the world designed between 1970 and 1983. Moreover, they are thoughtful records that reveal the movements and trends of world visual design during the seventies and early eighties. This includes concepts and ideas in creating trademarks and symbols, as well as transitions and trends in their forms. I am more confident of this today eventhough 4 years have passed since this was originally published.
Yasaburo Kuwayama

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